4. Terms of use

Our image bank is designed to further the marketing of Bergen as a travel destination. 

Please note that the photos/video can only be used in connection with the marketing of Bergen and as a rule, they can only be used by tourist-trade related enterprises and organizations as well as by the press. The photos can be used in brochures and other publications in which the aim is to promote tourist traffic to Bergen. The photos cannot be used for commercial purposes such as postcards, T-shirts and unrelated advertisements. 


The use of photos in contravention of the lending conditions will result in you being invoiced for their use at the individual photographers’ current rates. The price will depend on the use and the size of edition. In addition a penalty charge of NOK 5,000 per photo applies. 

The use of images in accordance with the guidelines mentioned above is free for users. If you are in doubt about whether your use complies with the guidelines for borrowing from the image database or if you wish to use the photos for other purposes, please contact Bergen Tourist Board, mail@visitBergen.com, tel.: +47 55 55 20 10. 

One copy of the publication in question or a link to the website must be submitted to the Bergen Tourist Board, P.O. Box 977 Sentrum, NO-5808 Bergen or mail@visitBergen.com, immediately after production. 

Photos which are downloaded from the database may only be used for the purpose stipulated in the order. They must then be deleted. If you wish to use the images for other purposes in addition to or instead of the purpose stipulated when ordering, you must send a new order. The person who orders the photos is responsible for their being used in compliance with the lending conditions and the purpose stated when ordering. 

Onward distribution of photos to other users is not permitted. 

All photographs used must be credited as instructed in our image bank, for example "Photo: Bergen Tourist Board/Per Eide".


Bergen Tourist Board has full rights to the videos. The user is granted limited rights to use the films.

• The use of video must be approved by Bergen Tourist Board for each case.

• Use of video in other film projects, and editing of existing video material must be approved by Bergen Tourist Board in advance.

• The user is not entitled to grant third parties rights to use the content of future productions. This also applies to film companies.

• The user shall not use the content in commercial context

• Bergen Tourist Board / visitBergen.com shall be credited if possible when using the content.

• If video from Bergen Tourist Board is being used in a production, please send a copy of video to Bergen Tourist Board

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