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Sogn and Fjordane (1400) Møre and Romsdal (725) Hordaland (1219) Rogaland (539) Sogn og Fjordane Møre og Romsdal Hordaland Rogaland Rogaland



  • Video: Scuba Diving in the Fjords
    Video: Scuba Diving in the Fjords

Video: Scuba Diving in the Fjords

Scott Sporleder went scubadiving in Gulen, which lies north of Bergen and at the entrance of the Sognefjord. Surrounded by high mountains, fjords and islands he discovered coral reefs with 69-90 different species and a unique marine life in addition to exciting wreck diving.  
Geography:County: Sogn and Fjordane
 Destination: The Fjord Coast
 Municipality: Gulen
Copyright:Fjord Norway  
Credit:© Scott Sporleder / Matador Network /  
Photographer:Scott Sporleder / Matador Network  
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