Terms of use

Please note that the pictures may only be used to endorse GC Rieber as a collaborating partner. The images must not be lent out, sold or given to other users without our permission.

Remember to credit the photographer / GC Rieber AS.

The pictures you have ordered may only be used for the production described in the order. The pictures must be deleted after use. If you wish to use the images in additional productions, you must obtain the pictures again from our photo archive.

The pictures are for editorial use only and may not be used for commercial purposes, i.e. in productions intended as marketing material. The person ordering the pictures is responsible for ensuring that they are used in accordance with our guidelines.

Changes may be made to the cropping. The pictures must not be manipulated, modified or reproduced so that the photographer's reputation is undermined.

A fine of NOK 10,000 will be levied if the terms of use are breached. If the breach relates to missing credits, an additional charge for the use of the photographs becomes payable in accordance with the photographer's rates.

We kindly ask you to send an email describing where the pictures are being used to:

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