Guidelines for Hemsedal photo database

Guidelines for use of images

Our Photo Service for Hemsedal contains pictures intended for use in promoting Hemsedal as a tourist destination. These images are free of charge and may be used in travel related print material and on the web. The pictures are not for commercial use.
1. Credit / photographers name on, beside or under the picture.  All use of pictures without photo credits will lead to a fee of NOK 3.000,- per picture.
2. Please forward publication and/or information of usage to Hemsedal Tourist Board, Box 3 N-3561 Hemsedal within 3 months of publication.

3. The image files you download may only be used for the purposes you have specified in your order. Afterwards, the files must be deleted.
To gain access to photographs from our PhotoService without a watermark, you have to send us an order as instructed below. Our image bank is designed to offer a wide selection of quality photographs to everyone who is presenting and marketing Hemsedal as a travel destination, including the press and tour operators. For use in national and international marketing of Hemsedal as a destination, our image bank is available free of charge.

If you have any doubt or questions on your use of the image bank, or if your use is outside the area mentioned above please contact Hemsedal Tourist Board on e-mail: or phone: +47 32 05 50 30
Turistkontor,, tel +47 32055030.

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