Terms and conditions for the use of Visit Telemark and Visit Sørlandet’s photobank

Guidelines for the use of images

The photographs are to be used in marketing and sale of Norway as a tourism destination, or to create interest in, and build the reputation of Norway as a tourism destination if not stated othervice on the picture.

Images can be used free of charge for associates of Visit Telemark and Visit Sørlandet (Visit Southern Norway) (this includes local tourist organisations that are part of the image database) If the organisation represents a commercial business wishing to use the images for promotions and sales of own products, please contact info@visitsorlandet.com

Photographer's name must always be stated by use of pictures. The credit can be placed on the photograph itself, directly under it or somewhere else in the publication. Crediting can be done by using the mouse-over function on websites and in applications if this is more expedient.

Changes can be made in the form of cropping the photographs. However, in cases where the photos show crowds of people (4 people or more), events and parties etc. changes to the extraction cannot be made without the permission of Visit Telemark and Visit Sørlandet. The photographs must not be manipulated. The photographs must not be altered or reproduced in a manner that may damage the photographerr's reputation.

Photographs that have been ordered can only be used in the production for which the order was placed. They must then be deleted. If the user wants to use the photographs in further productions, they must be re-ordered. Nor must the photographs be lent, sold, handed over or in any other way transferred to other parties. Filename must not be changed.

In the case of missing or wrong photo credits, the user will be invoiced according to the individual photographer's current rates. If any of the other terms of use are ignored (i.e., with the exception of missing / incorrect credit), the user will be charged a fine of NOK 20,000. However, in the case where terms of use are ignored, and the photo credits are missing or wrong, the user will be charged both the fine and in accordance to the current rates.

Visit Telemark AS and Visit Sørlandet AS shall be free to revoke right of use of the photographs and/or exclude the user from future use of the photo bank.

Images marked 'NOT for use in social media' are not allowed to be used in social media (such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedln, Instagram, Pinterest etc.)

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